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Advantages of using TradingFXVPS

TradingFXVPS offers very low latency 0-1 MS and high speed channels which guarantee a great performance with fast trade execution and low slippage with 100% uptime. They offer unlimited traffic and rich server locations such as NYC, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Amsterdam. Additionally, TradingFXVPS offers money back guarantee and 24/7 support.

Money Back Guarantee

30 days full refund with no questions asked

Data Protection

Encryptin of data with consistent security practices

Support Center

24x7 friendly and excellent support

3 Tiers Security

24x7 on-site monitoring, DDos secured and full Redundancy Server

Technical Service

24x7 reliable and efficient back-end technican

Ultra Low Latency

1ms latency to more than 100 brokers worldwide

Why to choose TradingFX VPS


Their forex host servers are connected to High-speed channels and have a huge performance so you get faster trade executions and lower slippage with 100% uptime.


Offer cheaper prices compared to any other VPS servers with similar resources


Offers many locations with very low latency(Data Centers in New York, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt)


Supported platforms such as MetaTrader, cTrader, Ninja Trader, TradeStation, jForex.

Comparison Table

Standard Advanced Expert
CPU Cores 1 Core 2 Core 4 Core
Memory 2 GB RAM 4 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Storage 30 GB SSD 50 GB SSD 80 GB SSD
Bandwidth Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Traffic
Operating System OS Windows 2008 OS Windows 2008 OS Windows 2012
Accessibility RDP/VNC/Mobile access RDP/VNC/Mobile access RDP/VNC/Mobile access
Trading Platform Supports All Trader Platforms Supports All Trader Platforms Supports All Trader Platforms
Expert Advisor Supports All Expert Advisors Supports All Expert Advisors Supports All Expert Advisors
Activation Immediate Activation < 12 Hours Activation < 12 Hours Activation
Monthly Price $25 $19.99 $49.99
Yearly Price $250(2 months free) $450(2 months free) $900(2 months free)
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