LinkUp Host
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Advantages of using LinkUpHost

The Datacenter is on strategic crossroad location between Europe and Asia

Tier design 4

Typical power load 1150 W/m2

Raised floor load (minimum) 1500 kg/m2

And many other advantages which you can find in the details in their official website.

Why to choose LinkUpHost

State-of-the-art Tier 4 Datacenter

Full professional ICT support services

Highly scalable, resilient private cloud computing environment

National backbone and international IP routes to major Internet locations

Comparison Table

22 44 66 88
Monthly Price $21 $42 $63 $84
Price with 6 Months Plan $20 $40 $60 $80
Price with 12 Months Plan $22 $42 $66 $88
More RAM with 12 Months Plan 3.3 GB 5.5 GB 7.7 GB 9.9 GB
CPU Intel® Xeon® 2x2.4Ghz 3x2.4Ghz 4x2.4Ghz 5x2.4Ghz
Super Fast SSD Hard Disk 22 GB 44 GB 66 GB 88 GB
Windows 2008 Server
Forex Ready System
99.9% uptime
No reboot Forex working days
MetaTrader 4 Preinstalled
MetaTrader 5 Preinstalled
cAlgo and cTrader supported
Works with Any Broker/EA
Broker Independent
Dedicated IP Address
Access from iPad and iPhone
Access from Any Computer
Access from Any Smartphone
Access from Any OS
Access with Remote Desktop
Access Anytime Anywhere
Install and run programs (.exe’s)
Remote reboots
DoS and Intrusion Prevention
Firewall and proactive monitoring
True VPS Resource Isolation
Hosted in Datacenter Tier4
High-speed backbone network
Datacenter Bandwidth 30 Gbps
Premier 24/7/365 support
Free Setup
No Contract
30 day money back guarantee
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