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Licenses You Get.

With your purchase you will get 1 license, this means you will have be able to activate one real money account and 3 demo accounts

Updates Free.

All the updates offered by the company are free. There is no requested additional fees.

Support Team.

Support team is ready to help you whenever you have issues/problems/questions. Just send a message via contact form.

Refund Policy.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee - the condition of the money back guarantee is if a drawdown in the balance of your account is more than 60% a refund will be initiated immediately but only if you use their recommended settings


It is compatible with all the brokers and account types including FIFO regulated brokers.

LIVE and Demo Results

Myfxbook Account - AUDUSSD/EURUSD

Trading Strategy

PowerfulForex is based on a bar strategy with martingale elements. In case, the robot has a loss, the forex robot calculates lots size of a second order based on a loss which it needs to cover. Then if there is a second loss in a row, the expert advisor (EA) opens a third position with lots size that should cover the previous two losses. Then it goes back to the first lot again, even the loss was not covered. There could be one trade only at the same time. PowerfulForex does not open the next one until the previous is till opened.

This forex robot works without any indicators and it calculates the entry point by analyzing the movements of the market over the previous days. Based on this the ea will calculate Take Profit (TP).

There is another important point that should be known. The minimal needed deposit for the standard account is $340 using lots size 0.01. The maximal possible drawdown in this forex robot is $320 for each 0.01 lot.

What will you Get

1 License

You will be able to activate 1 real money account and 3 demo accounts

Low drawdown

The drawdown is very important part of any expert advisor and you can have very low drawdown with this forex robot.

Trades all types of accounts

You can trades on different account types such as standard, mini, micro

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Powerful Forex

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  • 1 REAL Account
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