FX Stabilizer PRO

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Licenses You Get for FX Stabilizer PRO.

In case you purchase FX Stabilizer PRO you will get 2 licenses.

Updates of FX Stabilizer PRO are for Free.

All the updates are for free and lifetime

Support Team of FX Stabilizer PRO.

The support team is friendly and available 24/7

Refund Policy.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee, with one condition they will return your money and it is if the EA failed. "Failed" means you have used recommended settings and our EA had lost more then 50% of deposit.


It is compatible with all the brokers and account types including FIFO regulated brokers.

LIVE and Demo Results

Myfxbook Account REAL - FXStabilizer_PRO_8 Pairs

Myfxbook Account REAL - FXStabilizer_PRO_6_LowRisk

Trading Strategy

These forex robots FXStabilizer for EURUSD and AUDUSD are based on a grid strategy. However, they were build to trade on their own currency pairs, and because of that they have slightly different strategy.

Both modes - durable and turbo - are included in each version of the expert advisors(ea), FXStabilizer. Durable mode has a reliable and stable style of trading. Turbo mode is an aggressive and more risky. Distinctive feature of these forex robots is that they find the entering points which allow to avoid trading against a trend and reduce the drawdown. Also the EA has a money management system for limiting maximal possible losses.

FXStabilizer PRO works on 8 currency pairs. EURUSD and AUDUSD are the main pairs which have 2 modes: Durable and Turbo. The other currency pairs EURJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD, CHFJPY, EURGBP and GBPCHF does not include these modes. This version of the robot includes an extra license of a special version of the EA - FXStabilizer Unlocked, which has no restrictions on currency pairs, and has completely customizable parameters. This will allow you to use the EA without limitations and customize everything as you want, or develop your own custom settings.

What will you Get

Good profitability FX Stabilizer PRO

FX Stabilizer PRO is really profitable forex robot. They show their REAL MONEY accounts which are FULLY VERIFIED in myfxbook. You can visit their website for more information

Proven reliability

They have proven that they are reliable in the forex market. All of their accounts and FULLY VERIFIED in myfxbook.

Durable and Turbo modes

You can take advantage using these modes. Just make a note that a minimal deposit for Durable mode is $2500 (AUDUSD) and $1000 (EURUSD). For Turbo mode it is $150 (AUDUSD) and $1400 (EURUSD).

Live results from 2015

Live Results for EURUSD and AUDUSD currency pairs(REAL MONEY ACCOUNTS)

Easy to use

The forex robot is easy to use.

History results from 1997 year Easy to use

You can check historical data on their official website back to 1997.

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