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Choosing trading strategy

Choosing trading stragey is essential part in the forex market. There are numerous trading strategies that every trader can use based on their skills and type of trading. In this article we will give some details about one of the most used strategies in the forex market.


Scalping is a strategy specializing in taking profits on small price changes after a trade has been opened and it is profitable. In order to follow this strategy the trader have to have strict exit rules otherwise one large loss may eliminate the gains made previously. Scalping is really useful strategy for the newbie traders where think it is low-risk technique.

Scalping strategy achieves good results by winning, usually between 5 to 10 pips, more trades than losing whilst keeping the profits equal or slightly larger than losses. This strategy requires strict exit logic as one large loss could eliminate many winning trades that you have achieved previously.

This strategy requires great patience and if you can achieve this you may make really good profit.

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