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In this article, I will review WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution. The points I am going to have a look with you are:

  • Forex Robot Review - WallStreet Forex Robot
  • WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution Package
  • WallStreet Forex Robot Settings
  • WallStreet Forex Robot Backtesting
  • Broker spy module of WallStreet 2.0 Evolution
  • Summary - Forex Robot Review - WallStreet Forex Robot

Forex Robot Review - WallStreet Forex Robot

Forex robot is a tool used by forex traders. Using such tools may help the traders up to a point. I will not give details about forex robot advantages and disadvantages, you can check other articles in the blog where I have written about them. Instead,I want to explain you what is forex robot. Forex Robot is a program developed by language called MetaQuate Language 4 or 5 (MQL4/MQL5). These forex robots are developed to trade as human being using some algorithms and patterns. There are full of trading strategies such as scalpers, grids, martingale, and etc.. WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution is a scalper. In addition to WallStreet, WallStreet Recovery Pro is also scalper, it opens the same trades but it manages the trades differently. Another robot which comes in the package is WallStreet ASIA, this robot is ASIAN scalper and it trades only during ASIAN session. Last but not least, the last and most recent developed forex robot by FXautomater is WallStreet GOLD Trader. This one is developed to trade only on GOLD(XAUUSD). This forex robot WallStreet GOLD Trader is using the same algorithm as WallStreet Forex Robot but it is optimized and adapted to trade only on GOLD.

WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution Package

In the first place, I want to give you some additional information about WallStreet 2.0 Evolution. This robot supports GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, NZDUSD and EURJPY. As I already written it is scalper and trades occasionally. So, do not expect from the EA to trade every hour or minute. It may open 1 trade or multiple trades on 1 pair for only 1 day. So, this EA follows specific algorithm and pattern which means it will trade based on market condition. Since the devs of WallStreet Forex Robot optimized and adapted it to trade on multiple pairs if you want you can attach it on multiple pair in order to have more trades than normal. However, be cautious when you do that because not all pairs may show the same and expected results. It is best to ask the team of FXautomater for recommendations.

Another forex robot, which comes in this package is WallStreet Recovery Pro. It supports  EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD and NZDUSD currency pairs. It is almost the same EA except that it manages the trades differently. Compared to WallStreet 2.0 Evolution, Recovery Pro is riskier because it may keep its trades opened for longer period of time. So, when you use this EA make sure your equity is big enough and can deal with opened trades on the pair you trade. It is strongly recommended to make sure when you use Recovery Pro on one pair, do your own calculation if you add another robot on the same pair in order to escape stop out levels. Even having such risk, this robot is very stable and shows really amazing results for long term. So, I definitely recommend you to check this robot. It is not affected by forex market factors such as spreads, slippage and so on.

WallStreet ASIA is the third bonus robot in this package. This one is much different than WallStreet 2.0 Evolution and Recovery Pro. It supports GBPUSD, USDJPY, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, EURGBP, EURCHF, USDCAD and USDCHF currency pairs. This forex robot is more difficult to configure, compared to the other 2 because it is gmt time sensitive. So, if you don't configure the robot settings' gmt offset properly you will have unexpected results. It is very important to read the user guide and get help during the set up of this robot. What is important is that if the GMT offset is not detected properly by the EA you have to set:

Manual_GMT_Offset=XX(XX - is the GMT offset of your broker. It has to be your broker WINTER GMT Offset)

Auto_GMT is to detect your broker GMT offset and set the correct trading hours for WallStreet ASIA.
Manual_GMT_Offset is used only if GMT Offset is not detected by the robot.
Calculate_DST is another parameter which is important. If your broker changes its GMT offset during summer and winter you must set TRUE, otherwise set FALSE.

There is one more parameter which should be configured properly, it is MaxDailyRange. Here are the recommendations about it:

  • GBPUSD: MaxDailyRange = 35
  • USDJPY: MaxDailyRange = 75
  • EURCHF: MaxDailyRange = 35
  • GBPCHF: MaxDailyRange = 55
  • GBPCAD: MaxDailyRange = 85
  • EURGBP: MaxDailyRange = 5

There is possibility to stop using it. If you don't want to use this parameter you can disable it by setting some big value such as MaxDailyRange=1000.

Last but not least, there is new forex robot in this package called WallStreet GOLD Trader. This GOLD Trader is a special version for trading on GOLD(XAUUSD). As I already mentioned it is optimized, adapted and developed using the core of WallStreet Forex Robot.

WallStreet Forex Robot Settings

The team of Wallstreet recommend using the default settings for their robots as they stated that they are most optimized and most successful settings. The recommended pairs for WallStreet 2.0 Evolution are GBPUSD, EURUSD and USDJPY. The recommended settings for WallStreet Recovery Pro are GBPUSD and EURUSD, using this robot they recommended risk between 1% to 2%. WallStreet GOLD trader settings should also be kept default with risk below 2%. And the last but not least, Wallstreet ASIA recommended pairs are GBPUSD, USDJPY, GBPCAD, EURCHF. Note that for these pairs there should have changes on MaxDailyRange, please check them above.

When you use default settings of WallStreet Forex Robot you get the most optimized and up-to-date settings in real-time, because the settings update by itself and get the most updated settings by the servers of the forex robots. For this matter, I suggest you to follow their recommendations. Also, while using their robots the risk is good to be kept below 2%, this way you will be in save.

WallStreet Forex Robot Backtesting

You can check the backtests of WallStreet Forex Robot - 20 years . All these backtests are taken from the official website of the robots.

1. Backtest results on EURUSD | Deposit is $2000 | Net Profit: $164,600 | Profit Factor: 1.41

Backtest on EURUSD - WallStreet Forex Robot - Forex Market Coupon

2. Backtest results on GBPUSD | Deposit is $2000 | Net Profit: $221,991 | Profit Factor: 1.36

Backtest on GBPUSD - WallStreet Forex Robot - Forex Market Coupon

3. Backtest results on USDJPY | Deposit is $2000 | Net Profit: $195,833 | Profit Factor: 1.64

Backtest on USDJPY - WallStreet Forex Robot - Forex Market Coupon

4. Backtest results on USDCAD | Deposit is $2000 | Net Profit: $141,895| Profit Factor: 1.56

Backtest on USDCAD - WallStreet Forex Robot - Forex Market Coupon

5. Backtest WallStreet Recovery Pro results on EURUSD | Deposit is $2000 | Net Profit: $156,363| Profit Factor: 3.12

Backtest on EURUSD - WallStreet Recovery Pro - Forex Market Coupon

Broker spy module of WallStreet 2.0 Evolution

I extracted directly from their User guide some explanation about it, here it is:

The BROKER SPY MODULE compares the initial entry/exit price ordered from the robot, with the actual broker execution price. The difference between the ordered price and the broker execution price is the actual slippage.

If the broker is a correct one (and you are not trading news, spikes or other extreme scalping techniques) the slippage could be either positive, or negative. In long term the average slippage should be close to zero.

Unfortunately some brokers are literally stealing from their clients with tendentious negative slippage without any objective market reason. This is why we’ve developed the BROKER SPY MODULE – to provide to our users this extremely important information - an inside look to the broker’s behavior.

As I understand, this broker spy module will help us understand if the broker steals or cheats us. We can gather useful information about the broker performance. We can get these info from Broker Spy Module:

  • first trade - this is the exact time of the first statistics
  • last trade - this is the exact time of the last statistics
  • total errors - we get here the total number of recorded errors of all type of orders
  • stop/limit orders - successfully placed pending orders
  • stop/limit deals - successfully activated pending orders
  • market trades - successfully executed market orders
  • total entry slippage - slippage from all market and activated pending orders
  • average slippage - average slippage from all market and activated pending orders
  • average speed - this is the average time delay of all type order, in milliseconds(ms)
  • exit signal trades - total number of successfully executed exit market orders
  • total exit slippage - total slippage from all exit orders
  • average slippage - this is the average slippage from all exit market orders
  • average speed - the average time delay for accepting all exit market orders, in (ms)
  • average spread - this is the average spread for all trading signals generated from the robot
  • last signal spread - this is the spread for the last trading signal generated by the forex robot
  • high spread count - and the last one is the total number of high spread counts, which orders are canceled because of high spreads

SUMMERY - Forex Robot Review - WallStreet Forex Robot

WallStreet Forex Robot is a package of successful forex robots. I personally believe that it could help you to trade in forex market using the EAs smartly. Especially, WallStreet Recovery Pro is really promising in long-term trading. FXautomater gives you 60 days money back guarantee so you can test it for 2 months. This is a huge chance to test the EAs for so long. You can find REAL money account where you can check and analyze WallStreet Forex Robot before to purchase.


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