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In this article, we are going to write about Smar Scalper PRO forex robot developed by FXautomater. This forex robot is a new expert advisor with a shor trading history. We are going to write for:

  • Review Forex Robot Smart Scalper PRO
  • Download and Install Smart Scalper PRO
  • Smart Scalper PRO Backtests
  • Smart Scalper PRO Updates
  • Smart Scalper PRO Recommendations
  • Smart Scalper PRO Settings
  • Summary - Forex Robot Review - Smart Scalper PRO

Review Forex Robot - Smart Scalper PRO

Smart Scalper PRO is a fully automated expert advisor. It supports multiple currency pairs - GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY. There is alternative settings for GBPUSD which is called GBPUSD High Frequency. The default settings of the robot are optimized for GBPUSD currency pair only. This means, if you want to trade on other pairs you have to visit the official website and download SET files for the pair you want to trade on.

This EA may trade 24 h per 5 days and there is no time restrictions. It is not Greenwich mean time dependent - no GMT shifts. Smart Scalper PRO works with reasonable TP/SL levels, in addition ATR algorithm.

Moreover, the EA works with news filter, so if you are a trader who does not want to trade during high impact news you can take advantage of the news filter and don't trade during that time. Also, you can use advanced time management system, this means to allow the EA to trade at exact hours you prefer.

Which is really interesting in this forex robot - Smart Scalper PRO - is email and push notification system. It will inform you about the actions in your account, but actions done by the EA.

Download and Install Smart Scalper PRO

Before the installation of Smart Scalper PRO, you have to download it. For this matter, after the purchase you will receive login details to the member area if you have not registered already, and when this EA is in "my products section". When you visit "my products section" there you will see Smart Scalper PRO. You have to click "Download" button and then install the robot using installer or download .zip file and do manual installation, it is up to you.

When you are ready with the the purchase of Smart Scalper PRO and installation of the EA, the first step you should take is the activation of your account number. Account number is a unique number given by your broker. As you know, when you open new account in metatrader 4 or metatrader 5 trading platform you receive account number and password to login to your mt4/mt5. You have to use this number and activate it in "Activation" page of FXautomater official website.

When you are done with download, installation and activation, now, you have to restart your mt4/mt5 trading platform. And that's all. You are ready to start trading and attach Smart Scalper PRO on currency pairs you want to trade on.

Smart Scalper PRO Backtests

Below I share backtests results which are shared in the official website of FXautomater.

1. Backtest results on GBPUSD | Deposit is $1000 | Net Profit: $27,399 | Profit Factor: 1.51 | Date: 1999 - 2018

Backtest on GBPUSD - Smart Scalper PRO - Forex Market Coupon

2. Backtest results on EURUSD | Deposit is $1000 | Net Profit: $13,622| Profit Factor: 1.66 | Date: 1999 - 2018

Backtest on EURUSD - Smart Scalper PRO - Forex Market Coupon

3. Backtest results on USDCAD | Deposit is $1000 | Net Profit: $7,707 | Profit Factor: 1.57 | Date: 1999 - 2018

Backtest on USDCAD - Smart Scalper PRO - Forex Market Coupon

4. Backtest results on USDCHF | Deposit is $1000 | Net Profit: $18,484 | Profit Factor: 1.46 | Date: 1999 - 2018

Backtest on USDCHF - Smart Scalper PRO - Forex Market Coupon

5. Backtest results on USDJPY | Deposit is $1000 | Net Profit: $13,667 | Profit Factor: 1.58 | Date: 1999 - 2018

Backtest on USDJPY - Smart Scalper PRO - Forex Market Coupon

Smart Scalper PRO Updates

FXautomater offers all the updates for free. This means you do not need to pay for the product in the future when there are new releases or versions. You can keep using your license with the new versions.

In order to update Smart Scalper PRO - forex robot - you have to download the latest files in the member area. You have to follow the installation steps again. It is best to remove the old files before the installation of the new once. Do not forget to restart your mt4 or mt5 terminal.

Also, when you are ready with the installation you have to attach these new files to the charts in case there are changes in the names of the ex4 or ex5 files. That's all!

Smart Scalper PRO Recommendations

For Smart Scalper PRO there are recommendations, You can use risk between 2% to 10%, where 2% risk is low and 10% is high. It is recommended and reasonable to have 0.05 lots size on account 1k balance. In case you trade on multiple pairs, it is very important to adjust the risk based on this matter.

In addition, you can run the EA on M1 or M15 charts. It does not make any difference for the EA, because all timeframes used in the robot are hard-coded. You can do backtests on M1 chart by open price only method.

And last but not least, you should not expect 100% profit with this EA, it is absolutely acceptable to have loses from time to time. This is Forex Market. However, in long term it is highly possible to have good results with Smart Scalper PRO.

Smart Scalper PRO Settings

You can download SET files for Smart Scalper PRO for the supported pairs. For this matter please visit the official website or contact their support team. The default settings are optimized for GBPUSD pair.

There are many parameters in the robot properties. We strongly recommend you go be very careful when you change something. Even if you do optimization you have to be very sure, 100%, that the results are good. It is best to test them on demo.

You can take advantage of the time management settings. Using this parameters you can allow the EA to trade at exact hours and you may remove hours when there are more losses than wins. You can also forbidden the EA to trade on exact days.

In addition, it is good to mention that there are other few very important parameters - Money Management, Advanced News Filter, Friday Exit System, Email and Push Notification System.

Money management allows you to set your risk in percentage and the robot will automatically calculate the lots size based on your account free margin.

Advanced news filter is a parameter that let you manage your robot during news. So, you can control the robot during high impact news. It is important to configure your metatrader 4 trading platform to allow WEB requests with this EA, otherwise this parameter will not work.

Another parameter which is useful is Friday exit system. As you know sometimes it is good practice to close trades on Friday before market close, in another words it could be dangerous to keep trades during the weekend because these trades maybe closed on big Monday gaps. Smart Scalper PRO includes Friday exit system and you can configure it to close all the trades on Friday evening at the time you want.

Email and push notification system is a great tool to let you know what it is happening at real time without observing the charts non-stop. The robot will inform you about all the actions performed in the account.

SUMMERY - Forex Robot Review - Smart Scalper PRO

As a conclusion, this forex robot looks like is having long future. However, it is very good idea to test it for longer period of time and see some real results. It includes many parameters and settings which could be adjusted and tested on different market conditions and times.


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