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Beeks financial cloud

The company, called Beeks Financial Cloud, is established in 2011. Beeks Financial Cloud is having a presence in 11 international data centers currently. They are offering low latency connectivity and a point to point wide area network.

They grow its business by acquiring the assets of Gallant VPS Inc in 2014. They don't stop with this, in 2015 they acquire the business and assets of VDIWare LLC extending its role into the futures hosting space with direct G-Link to the CME in DC3 Aurora.

Currently, the head office and network operations of Beeks Financial Cloud is located in the United Kingdom with a team of 40 employees and contractors, taking responsibilities in various countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Japan, Indonesia and Austria.

Beeks Financial Cloud serves the following:

  • 8000 Virtual Machines Serviced
  • 11 Data Center Locations
  • 1000 Servers actively maintained
  • 200 Cross Connects Available

Beeks Financial Cloud Datacenter Locations

At this time, they have 11 datacenters around the globe as their centers are located in the key financial hubs. Here is the list named of the datacenters:

- Equinix London (LD4); London (Slough), UK
- Equinix London (LD5); London (Slough), UK
- Equinix New York (NY4); New York(Secaucus)
- Equinix Hong Kong (HK1); West Kowloon, Hong Kong
- Equinix Frankfurt (FR2); Frankfurt, Germany
- Interxion London (Lon1); London, UK
- Equinix Tokyo (TY3); Tokyo, Japan
- Singapore (SGX); Singapore
- Equinix New York (NY5),
- Equinix Chicago (CH2); Chicago, Illinois
- CME Aurora (DC3); Aurora, Illinois

Low latency hosting and connectivity

It is worth to mention that Beeks are specialize in providing secure and fast connections for your trading platforms through ultra-low latency network. Here is summary of the WAN latency speeds:

- CME DC3 to EQUINIX CH2: 563us
- EQUINIX CH2 to EQUINIX NY4: 15.8ms
- EQUINIX NY4 to EQUINIX LD4/5: 69ms
- EQUINIX LD4/5 to EQUINIX FR2: 14.5ms
- EQUINIX LD4/5 to EQUINIX TY3: 170ms
- EQUINIX HK1 to EQUINIX LD4/5: 185ms

If you choose using Beeks services you will reduce latency and network jitters. Also, you will remove network hops and perform large scale daily backups between key trading geographies. Last but not least, you will benefit from recovery options to mitigate full site failure.

Connectivity of Beeks

As a customer you can choose connectivity options that will satisfy your needs. The company offers more than 200 cross-connections to the most popular financial venues around the world. Also, they offer a dedicated Liquidity Select server package. It will let you connect with mainland China when hosting your infrastructure in their Hong Kong datacenters. Beeks Financial Cloud also offer other useful tools and WAN connectivity.

A. Cross Connects - it is direct and really secure low-latency fibre connections within the shared data center. These fibre lines are meant to be run over internal roof ducts between their cloud environment and the venue. It will allow you to access the liquidity providers safely.

B. China Liquidy Select - it is available to choose Chinese Peering requiring access to Mainland China. The company will make sure you can connect from their datacenters in Hong Kong through Peering Network where uses dedicated fibre to go through the great firewall vie the major telecom operators such as China Telecom, China Mobile and china Unicom.


No matter if you are a large institution or a retail trader, the company offers variety of infrastructure capabilities that will suit your needs. They offer 3 different packages for virtual private servers, by providing ultra-low latency for retail traders and broker, as well as solid connection.

They offer 6 levels of bare metal cloud dedicated server packages for the financial institutions to fulfill the need of greater computing power, which can be tailored to the specific requirements.

You can make your own bespoke hardware because Beeks allow you to do that. Their services are offered in their secure datacentres worldwide, which are mainly Equinix datacentres additionally to Interxion in London, CME in USA and SGX in Singapore.

Their dedicated or so called bare metal servers utilize low latency connections their trading network. VPS servers are lightning fast in response time. They do not host websites, because Beeks is focused to provide low latency solid VPS and infrastructure solutions for their traders and broker partners. They also provide co-location for institutions for those who want a level of security and privacy. This can be achieved only by co-location. And as you know already Beeks offer co-location in all of their datacentres within their private cages.

Security of Beeks Financial Cloud

Every trader probably is aware of DDoS attacks which is a big threat for the financial service industry. The company of Beeks let the financial institutions to buy basic and enhanced DDoS mitigation services. Also, they offer advanced anti-DDoS solutions to protect their customers from such malicious attacks, which main goal is to cause disruption and used to snatch cash from these institutions.

The servers of Beeks Financial Cloud includes free coverage up to 500mbps and when it is reached the traffic is blackholed. They offer variety of packages which may increase this coverage up to 300Gbps, based on the chosen package.

Forex Hosting by Beeks

Beeks support and host global mt5 terminals on their bare metal dedicated server infrastructure. All of their servers come with SSD in flexible configuration, including DDoS protection, WAN connectivity to connect datacentres across the globe.

Beeks Financial is trusted and they have many brokerages who uses their services. More than 50 brokers believe and entrust Beeks with their mt4/mt5 deployments. All the servers provided match MetaQuotes requirements and specifications.

Future hosting by Beeks Financial Cloud

They do not stop to only to forex hosting. They also offer hosting solutions for thous trading in Futures with a data center in Chicago, the hub of the global futures market. They have direct connectivity to the CME and thus they provide ultra-reliable and really high-speed hosting of servers and market data.

Furthermore, they have data centres in Interxion Lon1 in London and in SGX in Singapore.


Please note that while this article was writing all the above information was up-to-date. If there any changes we do not take any responsibilities!

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