Pip, base and quote currency

Pip, base and quote currency

In this short article, I will explain you some of the most important terminology used during the forex market. We will look at currency pair, base currency, quote currency and pip.

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12 Tips and tricks for metatrader 4

12 Useful tips and tricks of using metatrader 4

Trading in the forex market is possible with using a trading platform and MetaTrader 4 is one of the possible choices. It has lots of indicators, allows fully automated trading using forex robots. In addition, the traders can do tests. In a nutshell, it has many functionality that traders can take advantage of it. For these reasons, sometimes it may get a bit confusing for newbies. For this matter, I prepared 12 tips to help you!

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Forex Real Profit EA Review - Forex Market Coupon

Forex Robot Review - Forex Real Profit EA

Writing forex robot review is one of the hardests tasks since it requires a lot of experience and knowledge about the robot it is written. I have been studied Forex Real Profit EA and I decided to write a review for it.

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Best Forex Robots 2018 - Forex Market Coupon

Best Forex Robots 2018

To summarize best forex robots, we need to understand the basics.What I will discuss in this article - what is automated forex robots, is it worthy to use such systems and if they are guarantee to succeed. Additionally, I would like to give some tips and make a difference between advantages and disadvantages.

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Forex Robot Review - Forex Trend Detector - Forex Market Coupon

Forex Robot Review - Forex Trend Detector

In this article I am going to review forex robot called Forex Trend Detector. This forex robot has very interesting and smart trading strategy. It is trend following strategy and looking for big movements in the market.

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Broker Spy Module - Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro - Forex Market Coupon

Forex Robot Review - Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro

Using grid trading stragey in the forex market may bring the traders really good results. One of the most successful grid forex robot is Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro. I will try to give some details about this grid system.

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Forex Market Coupon - Best Forex Robots

Choosing Best Forex Robots

Choosing best forex robot among many expert advisors in the global Internet is not as simple as it sounds. It requires a lot of knowledge and analyze. There are some basic questions that all traders should answer for themselves before buying forex robots. We will try to emphasize some of the most important of these questions.

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