12 Tips and tricks for metatrader 4

12 Useful tips and tricks of using metatrader 4

Trading in the forex market is possible with using a trading platform and MetaTrader 4 is one of the possible choices. It has lots of indicators, allows fully automated trading using forex robots. In addition, the traders can do tests. In a nutshell, it has many functionality that traders can take advantage of it. For these reasons, sometimes it may get a bit confusing for newbies. For this matter, I prepared 12 tips to help you!

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Forex Real Profit EA Review - Forex Market Coupon

Forex Robot Review - Forex Real Profit EA

Writing forex robot review is one of the hardests tasks since it requires a lot of experience and knowledge about the robot it is written. I have been studied Forex Real Profit EA and I decided to write a review for it.

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Best Forex Robots 2018 - Forex Market Coupon

Best Forex Robots 2018

To summarize best forex robots, we need to understand the basics.What I will discuss in this article - what is automated forex robots, is it worthy to use such systems and if they are guarantee to succeed. Additionally, I would like to give some tips and make a difference between advantages and disadvantages.

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Forex Robot Review - Forex Trend Detector - Forex Market Coupon

Forex Robot Review - Forex Trend Detector

In this article I am going to review forex robot called Forex Trend Detector. This forex robot has very interesting and smart trading strategy. It is trend following strategy and looking for big movements in the market.

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Broker Spy Module - Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro - Forex Market Coupon

Forex Robot Review - Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro

Using grid trading stragey in the forex market may bring the traders really good results. One of the most successful grid forex robot is Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro. I will try to give some details about this grid system.

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Forex Market Coupon - Best Forex Robots

Choosing Best Forex Robots

Choosing best forex robot among many expert advisors in the global Internet is not as simple as it sounds. It requires a lot of knowledge and analyze. There are some basic questions that all traders should answer for themselves before buying forex robots. We will try to emphasize some of the most important of these questions.

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Forex Market Coupon - Forex Robot Scams

Forex Robot Scams

When Global Internet emerged and become easier and accessible for the people around the world there have started appear different kind of investment options on the Internet. As it becomes easier for online investment it also increases the opportunities of false and thief behaviours, forex scams. For that reason, it is very important before to invest for any kind of business to investigate it properly.

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Forex Market Coupon - Forex Brokers

What is Forex Broker?

Forex Broker (retail forex broker) or currency trading broker in present time financial and commercial trading means an intermediary who buys and sells a particular asset or assets for a commission in the Forex Market. Thus, a broker may be thought of as a salesman of financial assets.

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Forex Robots - MetaTrader 4 and 5 - SET files

How to save or load set files in metatrader 4 and 5

In metatrader 4 and matetrader 5 there is option to save/load SET files, which are very useful when you want to save some settings from different forex robots (expert advisors) and I have decided to prerare short article for this purpose. Saving and loading SET files makes easy the life of traders who want to change default settings in different expert advisors.

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Forex Market Coupon - How to do backtest - Forex Trend Detector

How to do backtest - Forex Trend Detector

Before starting using any expert advisor in the forex market it is very important to do backtests in order to find out if the forex robot will show stable performance. Today, I want to show to how to do backtest using Forex Trend Detector

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Scalping strategy

Scalping Trading Strategy

Choosing trading stragey is essential part in the forex market. There are numerous trading strategies that every trader can use based on their skills and type of trading. In this article we will give some details about one of the most used strategies in the forex market.

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Forex Market Trading - Forex Market Coupon

What is Forex Market?

Forex Market(FM) is business platform where traders can trade without any limitation, around the globe. Business traders can start trading with very low amount of money, so you do not need huge investments to start trading on, which was not possible a few years ago. The daily transactions grow every day giving a great opportunity to a lot of traders to take advantage of it's dynamic trading live.

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Forex Robots - Expert Advisor - Forex Market Coupon

What is Forex Robot (called Expert Advisor [EA] )?

Forex robot ( called expert advisor [ea]) is a software developed to trade automatically in the forex market. Most of the well-know forex robots are built to work on metatrader platform. The language used to developed the EA is MQL.

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Virtual Private Server(VPS)

What is Virtual Private Server(VPS)?

Virtual Private Server(VPS) is a computer seperated by a special software into pieace of parts, each one with its own Operating System(OS), and they look like a dedicated server to its owners, where they can run their own software.

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Forex Broker | Virtual Private Server(VPS) | Expert Advisor(EA, or forex robot)

Forex VPS, Forex Brokers(Brokerage) and Forex Robots(Expert Advisor) gethered in one place

Forex VPS, Forex Brokers(Brokerage) and Forex Robots(Expert Advisor) gethered in one place. We are glad to announce we have launched our official web site Forex Market Coupon where the traders could find useful information and tools in order to trade.

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